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Westerman's Striped Sunflower Seeds

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Westerman's Striped Sunflower Seeds

Westerman's Striped Sunflower Seeds are the go-to choice for bird enthusiasts. Known to attract an impressive variety of bird species, these seeds are the lifeblood of backyard bird feeders. These seeds are not only favored by an array of birds but can also help attract diverse types of birds, enriching the avian biodiversity in your backyard.

Many seed mixtures on the market contain fillers such as red millet and oats, which most birds find unappealing, leading to unnecessary waste. Westerman's Striped Sunflower Seeds, however, provide pure, uncompromised quality that birds love.

These seeds feature a thick shell that presents a delightful challenge for many birds, adding to their appeal. They are particularly popular among cardinals, but grosbeaks, chickadees, doves, and native sparrows also find them irresistible.

While some sources suggest that House Sparrows, European Starlings, and squirrels typically avoid sunflower seeds, it has been observed that in some regions, they have developed a liking for them. 

Choose Westerman's Striped Sunflower Seeds to turn your backyard into a thriving bird sanctuary, providing nourishment for a plethora of feathered visitors.

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