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Eco Wood Cat Litter Pellets 15kg

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Eco Wood Cat Litter Pellets 15kg

Eco-Wood Cat Litter contains 100% natural wood pellets that are environmentally friendly, organic, and completely biodegradable. Its natural pine wooden content makes it highly absorbent and safe for humans, cats, and homes. The pine gives off a natural fragrance that will eliminate foul odors, while the wooden pellets in themselves will keep you from putting unnecessary pressure on your back as it is lighter than most other cat litters on the market.

Eco-Wood Cat Litter contains no harsh chemicals. It’s 100% natural, lightweight, easy to use, non-tracking, eco-friendly, odor-control, dust-free, and highly absorbent.

Eco-Wood Cat Litter solution makes caring for your cat’s ablution facilities a whole lot easier on you and more comfortable for your cat.

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