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NT Labs Marine Anti-Aiptasia

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NT Labs Marine Anti-Aiptasia

Aiptasia are polyp-like creatures found in marine aquariums usually introduced with corals or live rock. They can harm corals by outcompeting them for space and food as well as looking unsightly. Anti-Aiptasia is a contact solution to these unwanted organisms.

Anti-Aiptasia will also work on the closely related Majano anemones. Anti-Aiptasia is pesticide-free and does not adversely affect water quality.

How to use it?

  • Keep skimmers and UV filtration switched on if present.
  • Shake the bottle briefly until Anti-Aiptasia becomes cloudy.
  • Assemble the tip and syringe, and fill the syringe with Anti-Aiptasia.
  • Place tip near Aiptasia and slowly depress plunger - the aiptasia will normally withdraw once treated.


Killing many Aiptasia in one treatment may adversely affect water quality - monitor Ammonia throughout and after use.