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Chillers & Heaters

SOBO HS Series Aquarium Heaters

R 130.00

Digital Aquarium Electronic Thermometer with Black Wire Probe

R 160.00

EHEIM Jager Combined Heaters

R 735.00

Via Aqua Aquarium Heaters

R 260.00

Akwa Thermometer with Suction Cup

R 30.00

Sera Precision Thermometer

R 145.00

Sun Sun Digital Aquarium Electronic Thermometer with Wire Probe

R 135.00

BOYU Digital Sticker Thermometer

R 45.00

Sera Digital Sticker Thermometer

R 69.00

Digital Thermometer Stick On Glass

R 35.00

EHEIM Thermo Control Heater 400w

R 1,499.00

Grech Aquarium Heater 500w

R 395.00